Work with Me


I combined my 25+ years of professional experience and personal finance expertise to give seminars or talks on our own experience with debt and how we became debt-free, paying off $109,000 of debt in 50 months. Sharing tips on how you too can become debt-free. I also focus on teaching children and teenagers about personal finance. I have shared our story and tips at several libraries and High Schools in the New York area.

Financial Literacy Consulting

Over the last several years I have helped companies and school districts implement financial literacy programs. For businesses, I have contributed to creating a financial wellness program with human resources to benefit all employees.

As a chair of a financial literacy committee sponsored by a local board of education, I help craft a K-12 curriculum for a 6000 student school district. The coursework will be instituted over three years, culminating with a required personal finance class for graduation. I'd be happy to help you get organized and build a similar program.


I do accept advertising. Advertising would have to be a product or service I'm familiar with or have used and will add value to my audience.