FinLit Projects

How to Rock Your Money for Young Adults

The goal of the "How to Rock Your Money" program is to help expose young adults to money topics and build a healthy relationship with money before they begin their financial lives and making any significant financial decisions like college.

The "How to Rock Your Money" program will be designed as a self-paced workbook or can be taught to a small group. Topics include:

  • What is Money?

  • Your Time, and Money

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Net Worth

  • Never Giving Up

  • Giving Back

The workbook will feature fun actives for the reader to complete at their own pace. Once a lesson is completed, if the reader would like, they can share their results with the "How to Rock Your Money" community, sharing their results on our website and see how others feel about the topic.

Expected Release: Currently live! Available for purchase for $5.00

Cash Compass for Adults

Your Cash Compass is a course designed to help you navigate and organize your finances. It's an online course that will cover the following topics:

  • Personal Finance Overview

  • Trading Time for Money

  • Power of a Budget

  • Punching Debt in the Face!

  • Retirement / FIRE

Each section will feature a specialist in the topic covered. The goal is to help increase your financial IQ on the information presented. The course will be present via video, which makes it easy to watch and rewatch the content. The course will be over six hours of information. We have no problem if you'd like to binge-watch it!

Expected Release: December 2021

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